Easy Lift for SkyJacks in South Africa


Easy Lift has recently sold a fleet of tracked platforms to SkyJacks, the leading Powered Access Systems provider in Southern Africa.

After a recent meeting in Italy between Emanuele Sorianini (MD) and Manuela Vender (Sales Manager) for Easy Lift and Alistair Bennett (MD) and Gregory Bloom (Sales Manager) for SkyJacks, the order for some R210BA with lithium battery and some hybrid RA26HY with lithium battery + diesel engine was placed.
SkyJacks had been looking to partner with a reliable and progressive company, that could provide them with different options that their various customers have asked for.
Easy Lift has been chosen as the right partner to cater for an ever-changing market that demands the latest technologies with great efficiencies.
Easy Lift will be doing technical training in South Africa when the fleet is delivered later this year.


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