GMG Kicks Off North America Demo Tour


GMG Inc. a Global provider of Access and Industrial Equipment, has kicked off its North America Demo Tour, spanning through the US, Canada, and Mexico.

The tour includes Aerial Work Platforms ranging from 16ft (5m) working height to 52ft (16m) working height, along with various sizes of industrial material lifts.

GMG has largely marketed their range of electric drive machines as environmentally better products while maintaining optimum performance through quality componentry. GMG's corporate office is located in San Luis Obispo, California, which is known for being among the top environmentally friendly cities in California.
GMG Managing Director Michael Tolle added: "GMG's strategy is not to offer a "me too" product. Our products have optimum performance, quality components, 2 year warranty, and an environmentally better impact compared to traditional products alike, at industry best pricing, now that's something that customers want to see. After receiving multiple demo requests from customers, a Demo Tour quickly became the perfect fit to demonstrate our products.

Leading rental companies recognize that the implementation of Green, environmentally friendly solutions are the future. Those who typically stay ahead of the curve recognize this and are incorporating this technology now. The tour is a great opportunity for those who have not yet kicked GMG tires to feel the smooth, high performance operation of our products."

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