Haulotte Group: Consolidated sales of €371 million, 8% up compared with 2016


Consolidated sales of €371 million, 8% up compared with 2016.

Haulotte Group's consolidated sales were € 106.1 million, 2% up compared with the same period last year.
Cumulatively, sales amount to € 370.7 million against € 343.8 million at the end of September 2016, an increase of 8% between the two periods (with no significant impact from foreign exchange).
The commercial strength of the Europe zone is confirmed in most markets, enabling Haulotte Group to post sales growth of + 15%, in that area.
The Asia-Pacific region, reported stable sales (excluding foreign exchange) between the periods, but continues to experience contrasting situations, particularly in China where local competitive pressure is increasing and the recovery in the Middle East is still expected.
Activity levels in North America, are down compared to last year (-6% excluding foreign exchange), despite delivering a favourable rebound in the third quarter; the area was penalised by the decline in scaffold sales in the United States, against which the aerial work platform business is showing growth of + 15% over the period.
Despite a declining Mexican market, sales in Latin America grew by + 4% (excluding foreign exchange), a sign of an improvement in other markets.
Sales of equipment and rental activity increased respectively by 8% and 16% (at constant exchange rates). The level of service activity is similar to last year (no impact of foreign exchange).


Strong commercial activity, as well as the order book level at the end of September, enable Haulotte Group to confirm its forecast of annual sales growth of around 10% in 2017 and the return to a level of current operating profitability close to 7.5%.


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