MPT140 from Isoli got a great success in CZECH and Vietman


There´s been a great success in CZECH and Vietman of the MTP140 ISOLI, mounted on Nissan Navara 4x4.

Infact we are delivering more tha 20 units to differents customers (rental and electrical companies).
Customers likes it because of great perfomances, the in- shape stabiliziation area and the 4 seats truck.
This MPT 140 can be equiped with insulated aluminum basket and it hase one special feature: infact it's the only in the market with the rear active pneumatic springs;
This means that the suspensions are level based on the type of ground and the load.
In addition, at work, they allow the platform to remain firmly in place without dangerous oscillations.
Alberto Caon, Export Area Managerfrom Isoli has commented:" This project has been developed entirely by ISOLI engineers in close collaboration with Nissan and demonstrates the very high technology that is applied to ensure operator safety.
The next step will be a large-scale presentation in the Spanish market, and in some emerging Asian countries where the need for safe off-road work is particularly felt".

MPT140 3

MPT140 4

MPT140 5

MPT140 6

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